About DJ Critical Hype

After honing his skills as a DJ in Montreal clubs and radio, Critical Hype discovered his niche - creating blends. Over the last 2 years, he has released 4 mixtapes, garnering well over 10 million streams on Audiomack alone and receiving coverage from major platforms such as Rolling Stone, Esquire, The Grammy’s, Billboard, MTV and Genius, to international radio outlets like BBC Radio 1, CBC Radio & Sway in the Morning.

"It's real real clever what he's done, you need to download it” -DJ Semtex, BBC Radio 1

His breakthrough project was "Chance the Dropout" - a blend of Chance the Rapper vocals over Kanye West production, the blend-tape exploded over the internet with well over a million combined views and streams online eventually resulting in a feature with DJ Semtex on BBC 1 Radio where he named the project one of his top 5 mixtapes of 2016. 

"The result is as good as you’d imagine (maybe even better) — the combination of Chance’s witty wordplay and Kanye’s intricate sampling is pure ear candy” -MTV

Following up the success of “Chance the Dropout”, Critical Hype released “The Damn. Chronic”, a blend featuring Kendrick Lamar over Dr. Dre production. The project exploded over the internet, receiving over 3 million plays in its first 3 days and was featured by The Grammy’s, Esquire Magazine and a plethora of other media outlets across the internet, resulting in interviews by both Genius & CBC Radio in Canada. With “The Damn. Chronic”, Critical Hype cemented himself as the “Blend Master” - the #1 DJ in the game for these types of mixes.

"It's a mixtape that captures the sound and culture of the city—the one that shaped two of the greatest minds in hip-hop.” -Matt Miller, Esquire Magazine

With the success of The Damn. Chronic and his follow up More 9th (featuring Drake vocals over 9th Wonder production), Critical Hype attracted the attention of A3C Festival, who brought together the legendary Wu-Tang Clan and Atlanta veteran 2 Chainz to create the iconic project "Wu-Chainz: 36 Trap Houses". With flawless execution by Critical Hype and support by both camps, the mixtape has already become a cult classic amongst fans. 

“It’s a bonanza to hear 2 Chainz rip a classic Wu beat. He’s one of the great lyricists from the south that proved lyricism is not regional, but based on talent, dedication, focus and experience. Whether you’re from the Slums of Shaolin or the Wards of the South, hip-hop is our voice.”  -RZA

In the hands of a master the blend tape is far more than a mere mash-up. Not only does the music play seamlessly, but it helps provide a new lens and perspective on that music. DJ Critical Hype is that master. His mixes are meticulous, but it’s the concepts that drive his tapes to the next level. 

“It’s a classic case of something everyone desperately needed, but had no idea they wanted”-Brian Haak, The Grammy's

From live DJing gigs to hours spent in the studio carefully honing his craft, DJ Critical Hype is a carrying on the tradition of the true DJ. Are you listening?