Trapped in the 80's

Rock The Bells presents 'Trapped in the 80s' produced by DJ Critical Hype. This new mashup series blends Hip-Hop from different decades illustrating that classic Hip-Hop is truly timeless. - Audiomack


All Eyez On Nipsey

All Eyez on Nipsey, Cricial Hype’s latest work, meshes some of Nipsey Hussle’s best verses with classic 2Pac beats. And to the artist behind the massive 28-track effort, bringing the two together was a bit of a no-brainer. - COMPLEX



   “Chances are if you're listening to mash-ups or blends in 2020, you know DJ Critical Hype. He's the man behind projects like The Damn. Chronic, Wu-Chainz, and In Search Of... Cole. You can probably guess the nature of those projects off the titles alone, but these aren't your basic 2010 mash-up projects where vocals are haphazardly slapped over instrumentals. Critical Hype is a master of the blend, and he takes his work seriously. His latest project is called ANDRE, a tape that pairs André 3000 vocals with Tyler, The Creator productions” - PIGEONS & PLANES


In Search Of… COLE

   "DJ Critical Hype is back today with the release of his latest mashup project, In Search Of… COLE. The project, which DJ Critical Hype puts J. Cole’s best raps over beats from legendary production duo The Neptunes." - DREAMVILLE RECORDS

   “DJ Critical Hype has returned with another mashup mixtape, titled In Search Of… Cole. The 30-track project pairs J. Cole’s vocals with production from The Neptunes. While Cole has never worked with Pharrell or Chad Hugo before, the tape gives fans a glimpse into what a collaboration between them could look like.” - COMPLEX


Supa Dupa Link

   “Vancouver-based DJ Critical Hype returns today with his latest mash-up project, Supa Dupa Link, which blends the vocals of DMV rapper GoldLink with beats from classic Missy Elliott songs.” - GENIUS



   Attracting the attention of the A3C Festival, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan and Atlanta veteran 2 Chainz were brought together to create the iconic project "Wu-Chainz: 36 Trap Houses". With flawless execution by Critical Hype and support by both camps, the mixtape has already become a cult classic amongst fans.

   “It’s a bonanza to hear 2 Chainz rip a classic Wu beat. He’s one of the great lyricists from the south that proved lyricism is not regional, but based on talent, dedication, focus and experience. Whether you’re from the Slums of Shaolin or the Wards of the South, hip-hop is our voice.” - RZA

   "DJ Critical Hype has cooked up another impressive mash-up project. Specifically, the talented soundsmith has put together an officially-authorized blend of Wu-Tang Clan and 2 Chainz records known as Wu-Chainz: 36 Trap Houses.” - HYPEBEAST


More 9th

   “DJ Critical Hype is back with another remixed masterpiece with More 9th. This time featuring Drake‘s vocals over beats by producer 9th Wonder” - Highsnobiety


The DAMN. Chronic

   This project exploded over the internet, receiving over 3 million plays in its first 3 days and was featured by The Grammy’s, Esquire Magazine and a plethora of other media outlets across the internet, resulting in interviews by both Genius & CBC Radio in Canada. With “The Damn. Chronic”, Critical Hype cemented himself as the “Blend Master” - the #1 DJ in the game for these types of mixes.

   “It’s a classic case of something everyone desperately needed, but had no idea they wanted” - The Grammy's

   "a mixtape that captures the sound and culture of the city—the one that shaped two of the greatest minds in Hip-Hop.” - Esquire Magazine


Chance The Dropout

   "The result is as good as you’d imagine (maybe even better) — the combination of Chance’s witty wordplay and Kanye’s intricate sampling is pure ear candy” - MTV